food field assemblies
17.07 - 05.09.21

burble, gurgle, splash
17.04 - 30.05.21

dark passages
14.11.20 (online talk)

oops a daisy!
24.10 - 15.11.20
With the support from Stadt Dietikon
a two-course summer menu to stimulate all senses

curated with Arts of the Working Class


Part I: Bite the hand that feeds you
Opening: 17 July
Screenings: 17 & 18 July, 2-6pm

Bite the hand that feeds you is a process-based exhibition and introduces the FOOD FIELD ASSEMBLIES programme at Dietikon Projektraum. It brings together artistic explorations of questions of migratory biographies and speculative politics within the food production chain, exhibiting archival material from the Ortsmuseum Dietikon, combining it with global perspectives of the street newspaper Arts of the Working Class.

With: Radek Brousil, Andrea Büttner, Kasia Fudakowski, Camille Henrot, archival material Ortsmuseum Dietikon, Plantes Sorcières, AWC Issues no.14-16.

Part II: Doubling the marshmallows
Opening: 21 August

Doubling the marshmallows is a feast for the senses. In workshops, kitchen sessions, collective walks and weekly film screenings, we broaden our horizons and look into common futures through artistic interventions. What stories will we tell ourselves in the future? How does sustainable agriculture work? How can we live in solidarity and what influences does global change have on us?

With: Einmachbibliothek, Frauenverein Dietikon, Margaretha Jüngling, Roman Selim Khereddine & Modulaw, Corinne Rusch, School of Fermentation, Margaux Schwab, students of the ETH and Sustainable Agroecosystem Group, Ali Van, AWC Issue no.17.