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dark passages
14.11.20 (online talk)

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With the support from Stadt Dietikon

Online talk
14 November 18:30h (CET)

With Anne-Laure Franchette, Caroline Wiedmer, Cora Piantoni, Gabriel N. Gee, Jose Cáceres Mardones, Rafaël Newman

Conversation about urban and territorial transformations, memory and identity under local-global tension, and the uncharted paths and sites that offer refuge to construct alternate urban imaginaries.

photo: Cora Piantoni

In Les Chemins Noirs (The black paths, 2016), writer Sylvain Tesson describes the walk he did between the South East and the North West of France, following a perilous druken fall from a rooftop. Throughout the two months long walk, he endeavoured to stay away from the sprawling tentacules of the urban, to find paths, villages and people who remained untouched by the Midas touch of modernity. The urban revolution announced fifty years ago by Henri Lefebvre is nevertheless hard to escape. Its expanding lights, networks and metabolism shine triumphantly on satellite imagery. A question then arises as to the possibility of identifying the dark paths that might be walked upon within our sprawling urban environments, the places that escape the logic of the present, and where both the surviving past and an alternate future may converge.

In Dietikon, on the Basel-Zurich corridor, the Dietikon Projektraum took over a site in which to reflect on the opportunities, commandements and left overs of urban planning. What are the spaces, the faces, the apertures and channels that shy away from the imperatives of urban design? How can we hold on to the grounded stories beneath our feet as they are come under the supervision of industial extraction and real estate investment? How do we nurture alternate experiences of an ever growing suburbia? How do we invest in the in-between that is the city as a building site, a laboratory for potential ‘other stories' to be nurtured and cultivated? Tesson walked the French territory in diagonal. This conversation will consider modes through which urban management can be negotiated in diagonal strategies in order to make visible and encourage poetic license, and under the radar passages to our urban memories and environments.

Gabriel N. Gee, Teti Group